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Veteran founded and directed! Rudy Swigart has twenty-two years of experience in the Navy and defense contracting industries. His higher education includes a Baccalaureate Degree in Business and Organizational Leadership from Azusa Pacific University where he graduated with honors: Magna Cum Laude.

Over the years, Rudy worked his way up through the enlisted ranks and into the Navy Officer ranks. His strengths from experience focus on personnel management, logistics, supply chain management, organizing, prioritizing, equipping, and sustaining mobile units through knowledge of business and logistics practices in order to accomplish specified organizational goals. He’s successfully led hundreds of people into often austere circumstances in order to perform a specific function. His leadership focuses and business education, when coupled with key partnering agencies, provides a successful and sustainable business model in today’s dynamic and diverse environment. He is a loving husband and father and a spiritual mentor to his family members and community.

Enlisting in the Navy after high school graduation in 1989, Rudy learned the value of hard work and performing with a team in order to achieve common goals. He utilized management fundamentals such as goal setting and resource allocation to allow for success on several collaborative projects. While keeping his sights on the next level of rank, he worked his way to the coveted rank of E-7, the Navy Chief! As a Navy Chief he put into practice the leadership and personnel management fundamentals that he had been mentored with during his younger years as a Petty Officer. In 2006, he deployed to Kuwait and led the charge for 90 Sailors to perform customs operations and inspections for service members departing the area and heading home to the United States. It was during this mission, that Rudy was selected for the Limited Duty Officer (LDO) program and he received his commission as a Navy Officer in 2008.

Passionate about customer service and serving those less fortunate, Rudy began to foster his ideals of incorporating a sense of goodness into the business environment. These ideals were catalyzed through college curriculum as he was mentored by Dr. Robert Waltz, and Pastor Mark Bargaehr. Their tutelage revealed best practices that when utilized in a proper and ethical manner can launch and sustain acts of goodness entwined in a business model for perpetuity.

Rudy began to focus his goals on water, a necessary staple of health and happiness. Without water, humanity and life on this planet cannot survive, period! The research revealed the need for clean and healthy drinking water around the world. As such, helping those in the United States became a priority, and the Domestic Unity Campaign was born!


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