Corporate Sponsors and Donors

B.I.G. Humanity provides many opportunities for Sponsorship, all designed to help raise the needed funds to support our Registered Facilities and to meet the community relations objectives of our donors.

B.I.G. Humanity is committed to working with donors to design individualized sponsor recognition that highlights their support for the organization's programs and meets the donor's/sponsor's specific Philanthropic or Community Relations Objectives.

B.I.G. Humanity's corporate sponsors get it, period! They have the heart and compassion and witness the need every single day and strive to make the changes that they can control. They're excited about having a medium, an instrument, a tool in B.I.G. Humanity and as a result, they provide their dignified and continued support. Their impact in this drive and in the community has helped to make a difference! Let's support them by visiting their websites, utilizing and recommending their services, and thanking them for being amazing stewards in the community!



Platinum Level (501+ Cases)

Company Name Company County Case Donated
Park Place Funding N/A 515

Gold Level (201-500 Cases)

Company Name Company County Case Donated

Silver Level (10-200 Cases)

Company Name Company County Case Donated
Livewell Caregivers Orange County 30

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Gifts of Water

A Veteran Founded and Directed Charitable Corporation.

Your Gifts may be tax-deductible.

100% of your giving goes directly to purchase bottled water.

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IRS 501(c)3

Below is a copy of our original letter from the Internal Revenue Service dated April 17th, 2012, stating B.I.G. Humanity is incorporated as a charitable organization with 501(c)3 status. These credentials mean that B.I.G. Humanity can provide you with financial and in-kind donation receipts for your gifts to the organization which can be used as tax deductions under section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code. As an organization, we are also exempt from paying sales tax.

B.I.G. holds licensed credentials as listed below:

Internal Revenue Service: B.I.G. Humanity was issued 501(c)3 status effective June 30, 2011.

The following ID numbers were issued by the Department of the Treasury:

  • Employer Identification Number: 45-2818575
  • DLN: 17053221374011

California Tax Exempt Status

Below is a copy of our letter from the State of California Franchise Tax Board dated January 6th, 2012, stating B.I.G. Humanity is tax exempt from California franchise or income tax.