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Hope Again, a faith-based ministry, has been reaching out to the homeless, marginalized, and downtrodden in the Hollywood area since 1992.  What started out as a small office in the back alley of a nearby church has become a full-service office building along with three transitional housing residences ("The Lighthouse" for women, "The Ark" for moms and kids, and "Jonah's Run" for men) within a block of that office.  We can house up to 38 adults and up to 10 children. Every resident is required to "program" while with us.  This programming includes attending all group sessions, all appointments with case manager, counselor, and chaplain, following the rules and responsibilities of their residence including chores and functioning in community living, getting a job or going to school, learning how to budget, and developing independent living skills, all with the goal of moving on to independence.  Although each resident's situation is taken into individual account, residents typically remain at Hope Again anywhere from one to two years.
With the support of twelve full and part-time employees and numerous volunteers carrying out various duties, day clients come to Hope Again for groceries; clothing; case management that includes job, school, or housing search; professional counsel; spiritual counsel; computer and phone use;attend anger management or overcomers outreach classes with our residents; or just to come in out of the elements and dangers of the streets for a cup of coffee, a glass of water, a snack, a word of encouragement.


Hope Again's theme is : "A Hand Up, not just a Hand Out".  Our goal for each transitional housing resident is to get them from the "place" that got them where they are now to an independent, more successful place in life as a stable, contributing member of society.  In the year 2010, 12 of our residents were able to move on to just that.  We owe those successes to the combined efforts of a great team of employees, the personal convictions and determination of the ones that are ready to make that improved change, and the grace and leading of God. 
For the first half of this year alone, we offered services to 3,415, up from 2,715 this time last year.  That is a 40% increase, demonstrating that the need is great in all areas.  We have many recurring clients, but have also seen an increase in first-timers from 32% of our total for the first half of 2010 to 38% in 2011.  We distributed over 1,000 bags of groceries so far this year alone.  On very hot days, we would love to be able to add a bottle of water to each grocery bag, but aren't able to do that.  We rely on the gracious donations of individuals and supporting churches to help stock our shelves.  This year, with the increased need, we have had to make two or three major pleas for grocery donations, and the year is not over yet. 
We welcome, and indeed depend on support materially, financially, prayerfully, and through the gift of time, from individuals, churches, grants, and organizations such as B.I.G. Humanity.  We are humbled to have this place available in the center of a needy community, and appreciate every attempt at partnerships along the way.

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