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Hope House Substance Abuse


Hope House provides Orange County adults with supportive, comprehensive treatment for chemical dependency.  Hope House is a private, nonprofit, 56 bed inpatient program for adults with substance abuse problems and mental health issues.  Hope House has been treating adults for more than 30 years. Twenty percent of clients are homeless before entering treatment. One-third of clients are dual-diagnosis, having both a substance abuse problem and mental illness.  In addition, most clients have legal and medical problems that are addressed while they are in treatment.  


Clients live in a structured, social-model environment, which addresses the behaviors behind addiction.  Clients are expected to accomplish specific tasks and develop skills in order to move through the three program phases. Hope House emphasizes learning self control, managing stress, working with others and acquiring life skills necessary for successful re-entry into the community.  Clients participate in educational groups to help them understand their addiction and emotional problems.  These groups also teach clients basic living skills.  Individual therapy helps clients increase their motivation for recovery and manage painful affects, giving them new tools for coping. 


The primary goal of the program is to help adult addicts acquire the skills necessary to maintain sobriety while being productive members of our community.  The program provides clients experiential learning, teaching them how to control impulses and addictive behaviors.  All clients are required to participate in the program structure.  Clients move through a hierarchy of in-house responsibilities designed to teach living skills, social skills and personal responsibility.  As clients progress through the program, they take on more responsibility for themselves and their peers.  Client privileges are linked to showing greater effort and taking on more personal responsibility. 


Hope House has three phases of treatment, which lead to graduation. Hope House also provides aftercare helping clients continue their recovery.  In each treatment phase of the program, we work with clients to accomplish specific goals.  Clients learn a variety of tools to help them control behaviors from within themselves instead of relying on others. Clients must respect authority, take on responsibilities, and work with fellow clients in a team environment. Clients develop impulse control, learn how to delay gratification and acquire other life skills necessary for successful reentry into the community.


Transitional shelter for drug and alcohol treatment, serves 56 a month


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